Addiction Support Group

Since 2009 God has been growing our recovery ministry.  We have a weekly
recovery group meeting on Wed. at 7:30.  Our church has heard the testimonies
of many who's lives have been transformed from a life of drug \ alcohol addiction
to a healthy, fulfilling, addiction free, God serving life.  
If you are wondering, "Will I be accepted?"  The answer is "yes".  We have
people who have been in prison, been addicted to Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, 
Marijuana, Pain pills...  We have been with people through a time of getting 
clean and then relapsing.  We have been with people on their journey in and 
out of jail and prison.  
This is a 6 session video series that helps the families of addicts learn how to best help
their addicted loved ones get clean.